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Every payment made through our store is first verified by our system for fraud and legitimacy, this can take 1-3 days to complete, but ensures we are not dealing with stolen credit card information.

We do have an international warehouse in the Peoples Republic of China to accommodate customers across the globe. Depending on the item availability, we ship from the closest warehouse that has the product available. We have 3 warehouse distribution centres, one in the USA, one on mainland China and another in Hong Kong. By default, we distribute from our USA centre, if we’re out of stock in the USA for a particular item we will distribute from China and Hong Kong. Check below the product for further information about an item's stock and shipping.

Shipping times from the warehouse distribution centres to most US cities:

  • USA: 4-10 business days

  • China & Hong Kong: 10-15 business days

*Note - Rural areas may take longer.


You may ask, “why so long for shipping?”, and that is a fair question. Let us address this in detail. We are a small women's online fashion and sports retailer and cannot compete with the large online stores. In order to ensure our customers pay the lowest price for their products, we


a slower yet more cost-efficient method for global shipment.


This means two things:

A – Longer shipping times for our products to our customers


B – Cheaper product cost, as we can now pass on the savings from shipping directly to our customers.


We appreciate your support and understanding in regards to this and do apologise for any inconvenience it may cause. But in order for us to ensure a low product cost for our customers, we feel it is the right decision, and know you do too.

For further questions just shoot us an email at

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